Michael Yao, CEO and Co-founder, Homa Appliances

As pure OEMproducers, one of the key factors of our success is the timely under-standingof our clients’ needs in terms of serving their own customers’ aspirations.Being able to recognise trends and signals in the world markets indicatingshifts in demand is critical to our business. Working with global clients meanswe need to be constantly anticipating those needs.

As we often say,listening is one of our greatest skills, and part of our culture. Ca-ring isanother one, and we feel a great sense of responsibility when it comes to thefuture of our planet, as the products we manufacture can and must play animportant role in changing the current state of things. We know our clients’cu-stomers are not prepared to compromise on this subject since they will beusing their appliances every day for the next 8 to 10 years.

We have long recognised this trend, and havefocussed our efforts both on our industrial process and on the actualperformance of our products. We have made enormous progress in terms of energyclasses, and lifted our entire production to-wards high energy efficiencystandards as well as overall recyclability, the best way for us to leverageeconomies of scale and remain highly competitive. We make a point of using thelatest, established technologies to offer products that are attractive and havecompelling design, but that are also champions of ener-gy-efficiency. Next yearHoma will turn 20. Over the years we have introduced many innovative platforms,but always with great attention for the environment. For instance, we havestarted using R600a refrigerant gasright from the beginning, potentially saving the atmosphere millions of tonnesof ozone-depleting substan-ces. All the instruction manuals of the 9 millionrefrigerators we produce every year are printed with eco-friendly soy-based inkon recycled paper. Every product in our range beats industry average in termsof energy-efficiency. When introducing new features, we have started using moremetal, which is  easily recyclable, andless plastics.

In our trade,credibility is everything, and we want to pass on that credibility to ourclients, whose brands will be held accountable for their products’ impact onour planet. In April 2022, Homa will reach the 100 million refrigerators mark.At the moment you are reading this article, around 50 million Homarefrigerators are ac-tually switched on, and 1 in 5 such products on display inany appliance store on the planet has come out of our production lines.  A motive of celebration, but also of deepreflection. For this reason, we are glad to share some of our thoughts on thematter.

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