DESIGN MAG VOL 3: Editorial

Homa’s Design Magazine has successfully reached its third issue. The initial two releases were met with great appreciation from our partners, clients and associates. We are thrilled and humbled by an overwhelmingly positive display of esteem.

Homa products are marketed by our clients everywhere in the world, giving us the privilege of an international, real-time perspective on the evolution of lifestyles in the different cultures composing our globalised society. In this third edition of DM, we offer an insider’s perspective on China, paying tribute to the vibrant economy and culture of the country we call home and where our adventure started more than twenty years ago.
Homa is unequivocally a lifestyle company. We continually observe the ever-evolving trends that shape our way of living, and tailor our products accordingly. Our curiosity extends to every facet of the home and the diverse ways in which people worldwide live their daily lives or experience life-changing moments within this domestic sanctuary. While we hold a particular fascination for the kitchen, and everything that unfolds within it, from its furnishings to its utilisation and interpretation, it’s not solely because this is where our products are located. It’s primarily because the kitchen serves as the focal point of domestic life for both old and new generations alike. It’s the place where dreams are nurtured, meals are prepared and taken,

decisions of utmost importance are made, work and play coexist, and where the most significant news is shared. It’s where tears are shed and laughter resonates. The refrigerator isn’t merely a witness to all these moments; it’s an actor à part entière in the unfolding drama of our lives.
Consequently, its design must seamlessly align with its crucial role in the kitchen while preserving its distinct personality and independence. Simultaneously, it must speak tons about the brand
it represents, conveying its identity and values. Most importantly, it must harmonise with the activities that occur in this blessed space. This is precisely why we maintain a keen interest in cooking trends, the latest kitchen utensils and ingredients, emerging culinary traditions, and kitchen furniture, including tables, chairs, and cabinets.
Given the growing trend towards open spaces, we’ve also developed a true passion for sofas, armchairs, and more. Our insights and discoveries about all these aspects are documented in the pages of this magazine, which we take immense pride in presenting to you.

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