2014 Spring Canton Fair: Homa Celebrates Its IPO 2-year Anniversary

On April 16 two year ago, Homa‘s management team rang the opening bell at Shenzhen Stock Exchange, to announce Homa's initial public offering. On the same day 2014, Homa, together with over a hundred customers from global, are to celebrate an exciting two-year anniversary in Guangzhou.

Started trading on the public markets at ¥11 a share,the stock price has since risen by more than 80% at the highest of ¥26.8 through a 2- year period, by making strides in refrigerator exports and online sales business. Michael Yao, Vice president of Homa, has made a speech at the ceremony to conclude how the company has performed and improved in relation to people, production, product and marketing strategy.

“The initial public offering of Homa has signaled a significant era in cooling industry history, as Homa has been the only refrigerator manufacturer listing on public market in the past 10 years.”said Michael, “Given the scenario of stability in refrigerator exports and skyrocket of online sales business, Homa can expert strong growth in the future.”