2015 Spring Canton Fair: A Celebration of Innovation & Change

On April 16, 2015, Homa has celebrated its 3rd IPO anniversary at Guangzhou, China. As the No.1 refrigerator ODM supplier in cooling industry,

Homa has made an excellent performance in capital market since IPO. It should be noted that the share price of Homa has risen dramatically. Starting from 11.4 CNY, it has reached a record of 30.8 CNY on April 9, 2015. In order to meet all those challenges and keep the championship, in the past 3 years Homa has invested 1200 million CNY to make improvements including new factories, new facilities, new products and new technologies.

In the coming two years, Homa will invest another 300 million CNY to put the innovative ideas into practice.  The product range will be further completed, to produce more large capacity and high-end products. The energy saving technologies will also be enhanced. Besides, the industrial design will be upgraded.

“Homa will deliver customers a new generation product range and helping customers to win competition by design.” said Michael YAO, the vice president.