2015 Antumn Canton Fair:Ready for New Challenges

On October 16th, Homa celebrated its 13th anniversary with partners from around the world. The event also centered on strategies and solutions for new challenges facing the industry.

In 2002, Homa was established as a small factory; 6 years later, Homa became the No.1 refrigerator exporter to Europe despite of the world economic crisis; then in 2009, Homa topped the list of refrigerator exporters in China. Over a decade, Homa has been the forerunner of refrigerator export in china.

“The world has been changing rapidly, and it is not the strongest that survives, but those who are most adaptable to the changing environment” said Michael YAO, the vice president. “In the past 13 years, Homa has been the one that understands the market deeply and responds quickly, in the future, Homa will make quicker action based on quality first priority. Homa is to turn the challenge into opportunity with more innovative design, more cost-effectiveness, and much richer product range. ”