2017 Spring Canton Fair: Design Makes Difference

Homa has successfully held the biannual canton fair evening on 16th April. This time instead of releasing any new products, we have invited our Italian industrial design team UP, to explain how DESIGN can make a difference on Homa’s product development and manufacturing.

Umberto Palermo, founder of UP Design, has more than 20 years’ experience in international projects across multiple industries. Homa Appliances and UP Design have started their partnership since 2014, with strong cooperation of R&D and design, we have delivered multiple modular and unique design offers for every single new platform.

On the event Umberto has shared his design philosophy towards Homa and unveiled a preview of upcoming new products. The up-to-date design trends of sharpness, cold feeling and lighting have been smarted blended into Homa’s products, including the upgraded table top, side-by-side, larders and freezers. Homa, as the ODM specialist in cooling industry, will dedicate more design solutions to respect different customers’needs and uniqueness.