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Embrace The Year of No-Frost

The last Homa physical event was on the 16th of October 2019, already more than a complete spin around the sun.

The astronomy experts would say "a whole revolution" without gathering together. An entire cycle of seasons has elapsed, each with its peculiarity, each delivering exquisite products, full of perfumes, colours and flavours to preserve.

Here we are then, ready to celebrate, distant yet together.

We are ready to share our dedication to FOOD PRESERVATION through contemporary design and state-of-the-art technology.

The Homa spring event a rooted legacy that embeds the possibility to reboot to EMBRACE THE NEXT.

Homa committed to be “Your Supplier of Choice in No-Frost”, a promise of a never ending quest to deliver excellence, renewed and nurtured through a relentless evolving capacity.

Adaptive Total No-Frost Technology

The year of no-frost will be a new start for our next-level height.

In Homa, our mission is always to produce cooling appliances in the most competitive way, by quality, design, innovation and service.

State-of-the-art Technology and Excellent design , always a perfect match.

Homa is today setting new standards!

Ultimate Combination of Beauty, Technology

We started from producing basic small white boxes. We evolved.

Today we have our own design language, to deliver a product that is clean and elegant, fitting with the best technology and cost, delivering good food experience.

From original to authentic: This is the Homa Pop-Exclusivity.

We will take the design of cooling products to a all-new level.

New Factory No.8 & No.9 The No-Frost District

We keep investing in production - THE CORE OF WHAT WE DO

Homa iconic "No-Frost District":
- a year capacity of 3 million units.'
- A huge Area of 280,000-floor area
- Ready for Production in 2022

The home of your tomorrow's products.

A Food Theatre for Life Homa Total No-Frost 4-Door

The Homa COOL REVOLUTION purpose is clear: create an iconic move to enter the high-end category thanks to products that perfectly blend design and technology.

Appliances that Preserve longer and better the best of nature's produce.

The FOOD PRESERVATION is our promise of well-being that transforms everyday life into unforgettable moments.

Make Homa to Be Your Favorite Team

Our quest is to deliver positive lasting memories in all of our relationships.

We have an unlimited enthusiasm to innovate in pursuit of outstanding customer experience.Homa talented team is our primary competitive advantage.
It is hard to imitate!
Different perspectives play in perfect symphony.This is magic!

Our folk: the true COOL REVOLUTION