We started from simply basic white box, but now we are stepping from ‘ORIGINAL’ design to ‘AUTHENTIC’ design". We call it the ’POP-EXCLUSIVITY’.

Homa Design Legacy: Performance and Beauty

From Original to Authentic: This is the Homa Pop-Exclusivity.

Homa and UP-Design present: Refrigerator design inspired by sports cars, accessible but EXCLUSIVE.

Design Talk with UP 2020

In Homa, our mission is always to produce cooling appliances in the most competitive way, by quality, design, innovation and service.

State-of-the-art Technology and Excellent design , always a perfect match.

This special talk with UP Design will give you a clearer picture of the Homa Design Philosophy.

For Homa: Design Makes A Difference

Umberto Palermo, with over 30 years of experience in automotive and industrial distinctive design industry, is one of Homa's strong Global Design partner.

This year UP presented a Homa Design Lab to embarked meaningful inspriations.